Friday, March 30, 2012

Status Update


Hopefully, you're visiting my site because you're an ESPN Fantasy Baseball player wondering about my app, the Fantasy Playoffs Predictor: the only place in the world where you can find out your odds of making the fantasy playoffs. Despite not being updated since December, the Predictor is fully compatible with new ESPN fantasy leagues, including Fantasy Baseball 2012. It will be able to make predictions for your league after the completion of Matchup 1, which I believe for most leagues is April 15.

I will check in on the Fantasy Playoffs Predictor come April 15 to ensure everything is working correctly with the new season. If everything goes smoothly, there won't be an update. The next changes to Fantasy Playoffs Predictor won't come until this summer, as I'm currently working on other projects.

What are those other projects?

Nothing new on the CPI Inflation Calculator, which will continue to receive monthly updates. I've received a lot of positive feedback about the app - a 4.7-star rating, over 3,000 installs, and over a 55% retention rate in just under a year. It's currently the top-rated and most up-to-date inflation calculator on the Google Play Store. Looks like people enjoy it for what it is - particularly the no ads, no data usage, and no permissions - so it'll be staying the same.

Instead, my sandbox work is happening on the Pizza Slice Price app, still the most fully-featured pizza slice/pie cost/price comparer on the Google Play Store. I'm learning about the design techniques introduced in Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich and will release an all-new layout for this app in April. I'm hoping that the experimentation I do in this app will help me deliver a great user experience, which I then plan to carry over into my other apps.

I'm also breaking ground on a new app this summer. It will follow in the footsteps of my other apps - providing a quick, user-friendly, well-designed analysis for a common situation. There are a couple other Android apps in this space right now, but most of them look like they were one-and-done projects hammered out in a couple hours. I'm hoping to blow them away with a more full-featured product. Coming soon!