Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fantasy Playoffs Predictor 2.2.1

I'm putting out another release because Week 1 revealed a few new bugs in the app. Sorry for the multiple releases in 24 hours.
  • Fixed a user-submitted bug where a crash occurred during probability calculation. Not sure what situation caused the crash, but corrected the culpable code.
  • Fixed a bug where no data appears on the magic number screen in certain cases. This most frequently happens in leagues where fewer than 50% of the teams make the playoffs during Week 1, when no team has a large enough lead to have a magic number.
  • Fixed a bug where week 1 graphs would display the entire season instead of just the single week.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.1 where physical keyboard users pressing the enter button after entering a league URL or league ID would cause a crash when clicking the Get League Info button.
This update is now available for both the full version and demo on Android Market.

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