Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fantasy Playoffs Predictor 2.4.6

ESPN changed a webpage used by the Fantasy Playoffs Predictor yesterday, so this fix was needed:
  • Fixed a bug which started on November 18, 2014 that caused football leagues not to load.
Both the full version and demo version have been updated with this fix on the Google Play Store.


  1. Hi, I just downloaded your app and it works for one of my football leagues but not the other. the league ID of the one it doesn't work for is 157017. Could you take a look please?

    1. Hi, the league you're talking about is private. You need your league settings to be public or private visible to public.

  2. my baseball league wont load, do you need to make this same change that you did for the football leagues?

  3. it seems that the app isn't working in newer versions of android